MY work
at a glance



Seasonal Adirondack Prints
Lantern Adirondack Camping
Adirondack Camping
Pool signage
Canoeing at Lewey Lake
North America Sales Team Dept Poster
Images Dept Poster
New Position mailer
New Position mailer
Cable Mapping Dept Poster
Huge customer win celebration banner
Software Conversion Team poster

Company Posters and Flyers

A collection of posters, flyers and banners I created for my company

Event Posters

Ranging from our company holiday parties to meeting invites to Ladies night-
2018 Summer Party poster
EDI Snack Chat invite
2017 Holiday Mailer/Flyer
Sales Snack Chat invite
Ladies Night poster-Tavern
United Way event poster
Leadership ADK event poster
Leadership ADK event poster

Posters for Charitable events

I was requested by Tri- County United Way to assist in their marketing needs, I also received a community service award for my efforts

Seasonal Preview Guide

These Preview guides were created for our 1200+ newspaper clients that could be used both in print and digitally
2017 Halloween Preview Guide
Halloween Preview Guide layout
Holiday Preview Guide
Holiday Preview Guide Index
2017 Fall Preview Guide
NCAA Preview Guide
2016 NFL Preview Guide
Player Profile
2014 NFL Preview Guide
Battle of the Quarterbacks
Player Profile
Generic sports header
Player Profile
Player Profile
Winter Olympic cover
2017 NFL Preview Guide
Player Profile
Winter Olympic layout
Player Profile


I love an action packed design!  I created many covers and layouts for different sporting events that my company covers.  These go out to over 1200 of our newspaper clients

Logos and Branding

A blend between logos I created for our culture club and logos I have created for clients

Olympic logo used for our company event

Personal design challenge creating 3 variations of  design that would be used for a company JAM event

Parkers Pub sign
Life event tree
‘Hers and His’ logo
Culture Club logo used for charitable events
Roxy’s Cakes branding and logo
Busy B logo
Busy B Apparel
Snackchat icon used by Culture Club

Simplistic acustic guitar logo

Simplistic acustic guitar logo


Notable Covers

Just a few covers I created for our newspaper clients that really stood out using different approaches


The first character I created was intended for a ‘ladies night’ poster-The second is a little ‘angry archer’ cartoon I created for a customer- The ever so recognizable “Archer” and “Stewie” were just Illustrator practice projects-  The last is a print I drew using a photo of my dog as my model to practice taking a real photo and creating a hand drawn version –  All were created in Illustrator
I created this character for a client’s ‘Angry Archer’ book
I created this character for a client’s ‘Angry Archer’ book
I created this print using a photo of Bailey as my inspiration
‘Stewie’ Basic Illustrator project
A character I created for a
‘Ladies Night’ poster
‘Archer’ Basic Illustrator project
Transformed an average photo into a product ad
Word Art
Crazy dispersion effect
I entered this into our company creative contest- photoshopping myself on the back of the bike was the hidden gem
Words to live by


I set my own challenges by giving myself a new project- and here are a few ideas I came up with


A cool collection of photos I have taken along the way
River Street Market Place
Hicks Apple Orchard
Autumn at Sagamore resort
Summer berry harvest
Coastal sands
Black and white version
Frozen berries
My giant hybiscus
Water on my sunroof
Oliver- sunset on the deck
Bailey- model for my ‘black dog barn’ sign

A monarch guest appearance 

Costal sunrise
Found this smile on a day when I needed it most
Surprise smile
Alien potato??  I did not purchase.