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As a child, I have many fond memories of frequenting local antique shops as my Moms sidekick.  I began to understand what goes into the hunting process and how it swiftly becomes a labor of love.   Finding that coveted  item and the methodology of how to proudly display each treasured piece so perfectly is all part of this incredible  journey.

Nothing beats stumbling upon a unique one-of-a-kind treasure- especially when you can envision it’s new dutiful purpose.  It’s rare that I find exactly what I set out for, instead the unique item seems to find me.  So  relax and enjoy the journey that leads you to your new favorite piece. Pull over at a yard sale, make time for seasonal outdoor markets and antique shows.  Get a little lost.  Check out a shop along the coast and discover how to incorporate coastal decor. A lobster cage makes the perfect unique coffee table! Use a sap bucket to hold toilet paper, old nail carriers to house the catch-all items, such as keys, or take that coveted milk glass saucer and use it as a soap dish. The list goes as far as your vision will take you.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and have confidence in your ability to transform a functional space into a farmhouse masterpiece.  Combining your unique antiques with classic, clean modern elements is where you’ll find the harmonious balance.  Remember, staying classic and avoiding trends will keep your look timeless.  Finding functionality in items that were intended for other uses is the
best part!

Repurposing these unique treasures is why I am often deployed to set out on a discovery mission to shop for one-of-a-kind items for my clients.  Remember, if you can’t find a purpose for an item don’t buy it. That will just add clutter and distract from the clean, modern farmhouse look you are aiming for.

Discovering what you love will inspire you to keep going.  Relax and let your creative mind soar.

Here are a few inspirational ideas to get you started!

Happy hunting!



Containers, containers and more containers!  For a more modern industrial feel, opt for a wire, stainless or galvanized container.

Add towels, flowers, fruit, utensils to any of these to discover a new purpose.

For an authentic, one of a kind feel look for wooden boxes with original advertising.  Keep in mind this will warm up your display which will bring more farmhouse and less modern.

Classic White Dishes


A clean white dish collection is an easy way to add elegance and simplicity to your display.  Adding white pottery will marry the look of a rustic texture with modern elements beautifully.  If you have glass door cabinets proudly display your settings in clever configurations, add a pop of color for added interest.

Throw blanket

Adding a cozy fur throw is the perfect way to warm up a leather couch in the cooler months.

In the fall I opt for a plaid throw, even a stack of knit blankets folded and displayed adds so much textural interest- giving the perfect autumnal look and feel.

During the summer months I lighten them up both in color and fabric by switching to classic cotton throws in light, warm colors.

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